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update 2019.01.04

Meet Fresh Shenyuishen 【 Meet Fresh Shenyuishen 】

Taiwan sweets · Cafe

Job category Cooking / sales staff
Salary Hourly 1,100 to 1,300 yen
Job Description Easy cooking and offering of sweets · drinks at Taiwan sweets specialty store · Hospitality
Employment status part time job
Work day and time 9: 30 ~ 22: 00
★ 2 days a week - 1 day 4 h -
Hall / Floor MG 22F
Eligibility / experience · Person who has experience in hospitality, sales experience · Inexperienced person who has interest in brand and passion
treatment Transportation expenses provision payment, salary increase, uniform lease,
Social insurance complete (by statutory), Employee recruitment system ◆ Tapioca drink at the break free 1 ◆
Application method From the official website ( ), accept the entry as part-time job entry entry (Ginza store hope clarification)
Recruiter Hamano, Sakaguchi
Contact Information MAIL:
TEL: 03-5939-9500