Shop Staff

update 2010.06.13


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Job category Sales staff
Salary Hourly 1,300 yen
Job Description Store customer service / sales
Employment status part-time job
Work day and time ・ Shift system, with a break ・ Time, consultation on weekdays ・ Only available on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays ・ 3 hours a day ~ OK
Hall / Floor MG 2B2F
Eligibility / experience ・ Customer service, sales experience ・ Employee, even if you are passionate about the brand, and motivated
treatment ・ Transportation expenses paid ・ There is a raise of salary ・ Various social insurance complete ・ There is employee discount ・ Dress (lending), free hairstyle
Application method Please send your resume and resume of work by mail or post to the following address.
After the screening, we will contact the interviewee.
Recruiter Okumura
Contact Information 〒 659-0068
7-15, Oppeicho, Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
Try All Three Japan Co., Ltd.
TEL: 0797-34-3503
Remarks We are also looking for store manager candidates.
Salary: Monthly salary 220,000-250,000 yen Work content: Store customer service / sales / store operation Employment type: Full-time employee Working day / hour: Shift system, 8 hours of work, 1 hour of rest