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Fortune Telling Fortune Cure

Fortune Telling Fortune Cure

【Store characteristics】
In Fortune Cure, we will carefully appraise the theme of "healing and courage".
Because the charge is not time system, I will appreciate until refreshing · satisfaction is got.
The result of the expert opinion can be taken out as "your fortune-telling document".

【Divination method】
※ Four Pillar Prophesies · · Approved Fate · Horoscope pneumatically · · · Appraisal of Portrait Orientation * Chamber of Family / Family Horoscope pneumatically · · · Foundation Clarification * Other · · · Surname Name Judgment, Tarot Card
Hall / Floor MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 3 3F
business hours 11: 00 ~ 21: 00
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TEL 050-3348-2092
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Average budget [Fortune-telling menu] (1) I want to know the time of encounter / marriage ... Love / marriage diagnosis tax-included 3,300 yen (2) I want to know the appropriate job / change of job time ... 3,300 yen (3) personality・ I want to know the overall trends of work, money, health, love, relationships, etc .. ・ 2-year point diagnosis Tax-included 4,950 yen / 10-year special diagnosis Tax-included 6,600 yen (4) I want to know the compatibility with interested people ... 3,300 yen including tax (5) I would like to go to a power spot to improve my love, work and money luck ... Power spot diagnosis (with map) including tax 3,300 yen (6) I want to know the timing and direction of moving・ ・ ・ Moving / moving diagnosis (with map) tax included ¥ 3,300 (7) I want to know the name of the current name ... ¥ 5,500 (8) I would like to give my name and stage name to be opened. Yen * The appraisal fee is not time-based.
Remarks Update monthly! The fortune telling of " Horoscope pneumatically " by Mr. Hidemi Matsumoto of "Fortune Cure" page
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