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Natsuki Ota Japan

Natsuki Ohta JAPAN

Perfumer "Ohta Nazuki" × Illustrator "Yonezawa Yoko" collaboration Perfume is available for limited time!
Natural aroma perfume "which collaboration of a popular illustrator" Ota Nazuki "active in the world and" Yonezawa Yoneko "popular illustrator who continues to draw the lifestyle of Parisienne appeared for the first time. With a 12 constellation motif, Aroma Parfan is able to make your heart and body happy anytime, anywhere, Magical perfume using only 100% natural natural scent. Besides, we have many nice packed perfumes such as 'Birth month series' which blended the world's first natural green tea aroma. Please feel at this opportunity to experience aroma perfan that will magically apply to your heart in a moment.
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