update 2019.01.02

Introduction of Monthly Mont Blanc & Season Mont Blanc in January

Monthly Mont Blanc in January limited sale 【Orange caramel Mont Blanc】
I smelled orange flavor and caramel flavor into marron paste and decorated orange peel for accent.

【Strawberry White Mont Blanc】 is a season-only Mont Blanc that wrapped the whole strawberry with the original paste that mixed white chocolate, white bean paste, chestnut paste.

Please enjoy two tastes of limited time only.


Orange caramel Mont Blanc 540 yen including tax (main unit price 500 yen)
Specific raw materials: milk eggs sale period: Tuesday, January 2 - Thur., January 31

Strawberry White Mont Blanc Tax included 594 yen (main unit price 550 yen)
Specific ingredients: milk eggs sale period: Saturday, December 1 - Friday, May 31
※ The sales period may change.


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 1F Patisserie
Since its founding in 1903, we have prepared popular Mont Blanc, made with recipes of traditional "Angelina" tradition loved by many famous people and Parisienne, baked sweets made with seasonal cake, malon, etc. I will.
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