update 2019.01.02

【M · A • C Japan Red Rip Appears! 】

happy New Year!

M • A • CIt is a corner Igarashi ^ ^

See you today
Thank you!

From today this time
We are on sale at stores
It is an announcement of NEW lipstick!

It will be the first time in M • A • C
Limited color only in Japan! !

For the Japanese
Exquisitely calculated
Showing beautiful skin color of Japanese people
Red color!

The name of the lip is

(Ruby Wow Tokyo)

Red lip is difficult for the first time ...
For those who like it,

At the shop front
"Easy red lip experience in 5 minutes"
I am doing

How to apply a lip that is easy to challenge
How to combine
According to customers
Because we are introducing
Come to the store by all means ^ ^


Lipstick Ruby Wow Tokyo
3,240 yen (tax included)

M · A · C

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M · A · C. for people of all races, sexes, and age.
To bring out people's individuality, we offer a wide variety of color variations and provide high quality cosmetics.
It is an industry-leading brand by reversing existing concepts, linking products with trendmaking in the season, serving as a professional makeup artist in a sophisticated environment store.
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