update 2019.01.08

【M · A · C Winter troubles will be solved! 】

Hello everyone
MARRONNIER GATE Ginza is a Fuya of the MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 M · A · C corner

Thank you very much for seeing it today.

The year has ended and it got cold in earnest

What is worrisome at this time is still dry

I think that many people are concerned about the drying of the skin in the winter

In such a season I
It is a mist lotion that can be made from makeup

As well as moisturizing, because it is pearl luster it is also a delicious lure
Even if it is dried by glossy finish it will make your skin transparent at once

Why do not you feel the skin moist and transparent in the shop front?

We'll be expecting you


Prep Prime Fix + (2 pearls in all colors)
3,024 yen (tax included)

M · A · C

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To bring out people's individuality, we offer a wide variety of color variations and provide high quality cosmetics.
It is an industry-leading brand by reversing existing concepts, linking products with trendmaking in the season, serving as a professional makeup artist in a sophisticated environment store.
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