update 2019.01.10

♡ Heartful gift for important people ♡

A pretty new item arriving in the forest of a bee arrives

Popular smell like fresh fruit, heart series
" Chambéry" first appeared this year!
Sweet and sour strawberries scent sweetly by champagne foam,
It is a fruity aroma

Why do not you experience the fragrance that makes you look forward to the coming of spring?
Toilet also includes hand cream, body care and other kinds of items
We are preparing extensive

[Submitted items]
Tamararo Hand Cream 50g ¥ 864 (tax included)
Aroma essence shower <Fresh colon for body and hair> 100 ml ¥ 1296 (tax included)
Melty Poppin Jelly <Beauty juice / gel cream> 120 g ¥ 1728 (tax included)
Love heart <Eau de Toilette> 26ml ¥ 2808 (tax included)


Including the heart series, a heart can of 1 or more at 2700 yen (tax included) or more!
※ Because of quantity limitation, it will end as soon as it is lost


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 1F cosmetics
Bekya Honey's commitment is honey. The amount of honey in which one bee is collected in his / her life is a little teaspoon.
I appreciate that valuable grace, create a recipe for each item, and moisturize my skin and mind.
Now, go to "Forest of Honey".
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