update 2019.01.07

✩SALE has started ✩

Happy new year! !

I will update this year, so thank you (^ ^) /

Well well, SALE has also started at the MARRONNIER GATE Ginza from January 2.

There are plenty of cute items yet!

I will introduce some of them.

Popular super 100 wool outer · duffle · round neck · short length.

How, from the price price has fallen to 30% OFF! !

Since it is light and light and easy to wear, please come and try it at the shop!

We are waiting because other items are also bargained (* ^ _ ^ *)


Duffle coat 32,184 yen → 30% OFF 22,528 yen Short length 23,760 yen → 30% OFF 16,632 yen round collar 25,920 yen → 30% OFF 18,144 yen

bulle de savon

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 3F Women's / Fashion accessories
Women Handle brand "Lene", a lot of girls' favorite things centered on "bulle de savon", clothes that everyone remembers childhood and can return to feel like a girl, "Kvell" to develop accessories shop.
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