update 2019.01.07

Block check thick straight pants

Hello everyone!

Happy new year

I look forward to your note Ethylons this year.

SALE is held at the store!

This time it was popular from a long time ago

It is block check pants!

It is a thick straight pants, but it is a refreshing line

I still have skirts and coats

Please do not miss it! !

Since there are still a lot of recommended products

Please stop by!

NOTE Essilon Ginza MARRONNIER GATE store


Skirt 15,984 yen 50% off → 7,992 yen Pants 18,144 yen 40% off → 10,886 yen Color beige · yellow

note et silence.

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A select shop that sends out fine fashion to adult women who are humorous and playful with the original brand as the core.
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