update 2019.02.11

【Farewell party 150 minutes with drink all you can with 5,724 yen (tax included)】 Mutotto Raclette course 6 items in total until 18:00, profitable at 20:00 on entering store

Farewell reception plan ♪ Normally 2 hours drink all you can → 2.5 hours ♪
Course that you can enjoy all six items, with our main menu "Raclette" signboard menu!
Please enjoy delicious and tasty salac and cheese which can only be delivered as a specialty shop. We also have desserts after meals.
Please do not miss a dinner party, of course, for various parties.
※ For customers of celebrating groups such as birthdays and anniversaries, we received a special cake plus 540 yen per person plus one.

◎ 4 kinds of appetizer platter
· Handmade mozzarella cheese and strawberry caprese citrus sauce
· Pate of cream cheese and rum raisin
· Carrot · Rape ~ Orange & Dill Flavor ~
· Prosciutto Dolce
◎ Hokkaido Shiranuku Shakuen's hard cheese "Monbeezo" and winter vegetable green salad
Grilled Steak Raclette of Australian Cattle Frog
◎ Baked freshly baguetted instead!
◎ thick risotto of raclette cheese
◎ seasonal sorbet

※ Course contents may change depending on the season, purchase situation.
※ It will be provided in a large dish.

【All you can drink menu】
<Glass wine>
Santa Carolina Carmenair
Vonavita Rosso
Castelli Modenage Ramblos Rosso
Vonavita Bianco
Castelview Purp
<Sparkling cocktail>
Orange Spark
Pine Spark
Cassis Spark
Peach spark
Sangria RED
Sangria WHITE
The Premium Malt's "Aroma Ale"
<High Ball>
Fuzzy group
Yogurt Pine
Yogurt ginger
Cassis jasmine
Cassis oolong
Reggae punch
Amaret ginger
Gin tonic
Moscow Mule
<Soft drinks>
Pepsi Cola
Ginger ale
Oolong Tea
Jasmine tea
Coffee (HOT / ICE)


※ Cake reservation will be accepted until the previous day.
Please note that cancellation fee will be generated in case of cancellation on the day ※.


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 10 F Cheese & Dining
"2017.10.5 NEW OPEN" Open on 10F where you can enjoy the night view of MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1! Dining "CHEESE KITCHEN RACLER" that you can enjoy authentic cheese dishes deliciously, happily and casually, prepare original menu to serve various cheeses of the world with delicious recipes, including representative cheese dishes such as rakulet of the topic now. At lunchtime, we offer freshly baked bread buffet along with cheese dishes from world famous specialty shops including raclette. At dinner time, we specialize in cheese dishes that you can enjoy with wines and cocktails from around the world, and we offer a variety of menus compatible with other alcohol products.
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