update 2019.02.02

February 22 Special Coffee School is held !!

· 100% Hawaiiana Ariana Farm 150 g
The scented aroma is reminiscent of caramel and floral, like a savory cookie
You can also feel the flavor. 100% Hawaiiana who feels overwhelming individuality.
Clear drinking mouth and a sense of transparency, 100% Hawaiikona unique taste
It is a special taste.

* On the same day Happy Beans Day will be held at the same time ♪
Please participate as soon as possible due to limited quantity.


Date and time of holding: February 22 【Friday】 14: 00 ~ 15: 00 Approximately 60 minutes Capacity: 4 people participation fee: 5,000 yen per person (tax included)
Souvenir: 100% Hawaiiana with Ariana Farm 150 g

Tully's Coffee

Tully's coffee is a specialty coffee shop.
We offer handmade crafts carefully so that everyone can be satisfied as a shop always thinking about the quality of materials and safety in order to have the best cup for our customers.
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