update 2019.02.03

Corduroy coat that can be worn feather

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It is mari of kapuwa staff.
The warmer days gradually increased.
However, as the night is getting cold, I do not know what clothes I can wear> <

Such a strong ally is a corduroy coat!
The coat in winter is heavy and tiring, but kapuwa's coat is light and it is very easy to wear casually.
Because it is cotton, it is not too hot, because it is a corduroy, it is a versatile piece that can be warm without worry.

Because pink and green are easy to wear even in the coming season, it is also recommended for buying.

Why not choose a bright one for coming spring?

We are waiting for everyone's visit at MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2, B2F ♩


KAKERA corduroy coat 17,820 yen (tax included)

kapuwa [1/21 OPEN]

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Origin fabric using Indian traditional technique "woodblock print", women's clothing sticking to comfortable materials and shapes, hand-woven hand-woven materials, soft texture of Indian cotton texture increases more as it is washed I stick to it, develop kitchen and living goods etc.
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