update 2019.02.04

Small print Jacquard no color W front coat

Today it got warm!
You will want to wear a spring coat, do not you think?
Today is a new pattern of komon pattern jacquard that was popular last year.
This time as well as a small pattern of Oriental atmosphere like Islamic mosaic
I made it into a thick jacquard fabric.
It is a relaxing size no color coat.
It is easy to wear it very clearly by making the front opening and the handle of the special wing tailor make the best use.
Please take a look at the store.
We look forward to.
Notes Ecci Rans Ginza MARRONNIER GATE store


Court 30,240 yen (tax included)
Jacket 22,680 yen (tax included)
Skirt 14,904 yen (tax included)

Color beige, navy

note et silence.

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