update 2019.02.06

【Patent pending! Zoff comes out with new structure pollen countermeasure glasses]

Product name
Zoff + PROTECT (Zof Protect )
■ Product overview
【Type】 1 type 2 colors all 2 types
【Price】 7,560 yen (tax included) ※ Standard lens replacement
【Handling store】 All Zoff stores ( except outlet outlets )


■ Product information "I care about the appearance as it is." We will release a new product "Zoff + PROTECT" to solve the problem with such pollen glasses! This product is a new structure that enables attachment and detachment of a food part that prevents invasion of pollen entering the eyes. In the outdoors such as commuting and schooling, use a food part as a pollen glasses and use it as a pollen glasses, and by removing the food part indoors It can be used as ordinary glasses, 2 WAY specification. Not only pollen seasons, it is new pollen measure glasses that can be used for a full year with one!

Zoff Plus

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