【Zoff's READING GLASSES is new! 】

■ Product name "Zoff READING GLASSES (ZOF, Reading Glass)"
■ Price
4,212 yen (tax included)
Frequency / type
+1.00 + 1.5 +2.0 All four colors


Product features
Reading · newspaper · smaho etc, If you can not see the characters at hand, Zoff's reading glass.
It is even thinner, even lighter, more portable than ever before!

Due to the design along the head, it has become harder to fall off more than ever.
In addition, by adopting lightweight plastic, you can use it for stress free even for a long time use.
The lens adopts a thin type lens made by Nikon Ecilor Corporation, realizing a clear look.
Front shapes are popular for men and oval type 2 for women are easy to hang.

Zoff Plus

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