update 2019.02.08

Simple CODE with CHAPEL bag

Hello, this is kapuwa staff.
Thank you for always seeing the shop news (* ^^ *)

From February, the warmer days have gradually increased.
I wonder if there were a lot of people who went out without wearing a coat yesterday even after a long absence.

I do not usually wear patterns, I do not know how to incorporate ... For those of you, I will introduce the recommendation of kapuwa that fits Simple Corde!

○ CHAPEL quilting bag
This bag which is put on from the shoulder and has a good length even if it is held in hand is durable because it is quilted.
It looks small, large volume to fit PET bottle as well!
You can use it with ease from those who usually have lots of bags (^ ^) v

Even those who like Simple Corde are easy to incorporate patterns if they are small items. Because it also serves as a color difference, winter with many darker colors will be useful as well ○
The color is yellow, blue, wine three colors.
The staff's recommendation is yellow!

Warm season, from now on, why not try incorporating the pattern *


CHAPEL pattern quilting bag 6,264 yen (tax included)

kapuwa [1/21 OPEN]

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 B2F Women's, miscellaneous goods
Origin fabric using Indian traditional technique "woodblock print", women's clothing sticking to comfortable materials and shapes, hand-woven hand-woven materials, soft texture of Indian cotton texture increases more as it is washed I stick to it, develop kitchen and living goods etc.
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