update 2019.02.10

Recommended by Corde by height

Hello everyone!
It is kapuwa staff.

Thank you for always seeing the shop news.

Actually kapuwa's clothes, all offered free size. Therefore, there are times when it is difficult to understand the feeling of the length and the atmosphere etc. if you do not actually wear it.

there! I would like to introduce recommended coordinates by actually staff height

The first piece is 172 cm Corde.
It matches the no-color coat to the wide pants of CHAPEL, and it has become a simple dress that the handle looks a little.

The second piece is 163 cm Corde.
This is a casual dress that matches the denim jacket to wide pants. It is cool to wear with a shoulder ~!

The third piece is 153 cm Corde.
Wide pants have the danger of legs looking short on short stature, so it is difficult to try inside.
So dare to put it on your waist and make it slimy Boys-like clothing. Cuteness is also added plus with velvet blouson plus ○

Kapuwa's clothes that you can dress to any height. Please enjoy coordination ♡


CHAPEL wide pants 11,664 yen (tax included)
No color coat 17,064 yen (tax included)
Denim jacket 23,760 yen (tax included)
Velvet blouson 17,820 yen (tax included)

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MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 B2F Women's, miscellaneous goods
Origin fabric using Indian traditional technique "woodblock print", women's clothing sticking to comfortable materials and shapes, hand-woven hand-woven materials, soft texture of Indian cotton texture increases more as it is washed I stick to it, develop kitchen and living goods etc.
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