update 2019.02.12

〇nitca Crochet knit 〇


Three consecutive holidays became a very cold holiday ❆

How was everyone doing?

In the shop, various items of spring are in stock in addition.

I'd like to introduce lots of things, but I will introduce some of them.

It is a proposal of crocheted knitted from nitca.

I gotten to work one by one with time and effort (^ ^ ♪

Designed as a unique Art Nouveau pattern.

Original design only for nitca · · ·

Bustier can get it on 2 way.

It is an item that you can enjoy overlaying so please try to match variously.

Please do not miss seeing it at the store! !

I am waiting for you (^ _ -) - ☆


Bustier 14,904 yen (tax included)
Cardigan 18,144 yen (tax included)
Color Kogeta · Orange

note et silence.

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