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Angelina event information

"Information on Angelina event"

[Apenha Harukasu]
~ February 28 (Thur)

[Hankyu Umeda]
~ Friday May 31 (Fri)

[Monthly sweets Nishi-navi]
Monday, January 7 th - January 31 th (Thu)
※ within JR Nishi-Funabashi Station ticket gate Perrier Nishi-Funabashi (Tel: 047-420-1823)

[Futako Tamagawa Tokyu food Show]
February 1 (Fri) - February 14 (Thu)
(Telephone: 03-6805-7111)

[Omiya Takashimaya]
February 7 (Thu) - February 14 (Thu)

[Gifu Takashimaya]
February 9 (Sat) - February 11 (Monday)

[Nagoya Mitsukoshi Sōjyo]
Wednesday, February 27 - March 3 (Sun)

[Nishinomiya Hankyu]
Wednesday, February 20 - Tuesday, February 26

[Monthly sweets Atre Kawasaki]
March 1 (Fri) - 31 (Sun)
※ JR Kawasaki Station outside the North Ticket gate Atre Kawasaki
(Phone: 044-221-5020)

[Monthly sweets Sugamo]
April 1 (Monday) - April 30 (Tue)
※ JR Sugamo station outside the gate
(Tel: 03-5961-5286)

[Senri Hankyu]
Wednesday, April 3 - Tuesday, April 9

[Kawanishi Hankyu]
April 10 (Wednesday) - April 16 (Tue)


* Please contact directly to each event hall facility regarding business hours, handling items and inventory status of each event venue.

* There are occasions when there is a change in the event place and the holding period.


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 1F Patisserie
Since its founding in 1903, we have prepared popular Mont Blanc, made with recipes of traditional "Angelina" tradition loved by many famous people and Parisienne, baked sweets made with seasonal cake, malon, etc. I will.
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