update 2019.03.04

△ △ CHIE MIHARA Sandals in stock △ 〇


Spring accessories and shoes arrived one after another,

It became a season when you wanted to align from your feet.

This year's popular CHIE MIHARA sandals are arriving.

A designer born in Brazil, Chie Mihara (CHIE MIHARA), handmade shoes from Spain.

There is a reputation for comfortable shoes.

It features a feminine and clean line with modern design and attracts women.

With new purchase brand, JAMEIS SMITH sandals also appeared!

Austria 's shoe brand <JAMES SMITH (James Smith>.

It is a sandal using fine leather.

Both brands have a lot of fans is a proof of popularity! !

Please come and visit our shop! !

I am waiting for you (^ ^ ♪


CHIE MIHARA thick bottom sandals 44,280 yen wood heel sandals 48,600 yen black only

JAMEIS SMITH Mule sandals 37,800 yen color cha sax

(tax included)


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