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Measures to reduce hay fever with e special

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Is not there many people who eat yoghurt as measures against hay fever?
It is hard to keep eating every day
Why do not you take lactic acid bacteria more easily with e-special supplement?

Seven types, about 4 billion lactic acid bacteria were processed by freeze-drying and encapsulated
【E-Special】 Mega Probiotic 4000

It is recommended that you drink one to three capsules daily as a guide!

Not only measures for pollinosis, but also those who want to be clean from the inside of the body
As a support for health and beauty,Please try

【please note】
· Please observe the recommended daily intake.
· After opening, please tighten the cap tightly and take as soon as possible.
- Avoid heat and humidity and direct sunlight, please keep it out of reach of children.
· If your body does not fit according to your constitution and physical condition, stop using and consult your doctor.
· This product contains ingredients derived from dairy products. If you are allergic to dairy products please refrain from using.


E Special Mega Probiotic 4000 (100 capsules) 12,798 yen (tax included)

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