update 2019.03.09

How about with a White Day gift?

Hello, MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 3F Chut! It is INTIMATES.

Well, the coming 3/14 is "White Day".
Have you decided a gift any longer?
Every year, there are many people who suffer in return in many cases ...

So this time, I will introduce the item "I'm happy if I get this kind of thing" on the female perspective.

【Photo 1st Photo】

Medium "Antime feminine wash"
Liquid soap for delicate zones
While keeping moisture, wash and clean up the dirt that becomes the origin of the odor and stuff you care about.

Top row "Anti-rose Lotion"
Moisturizing and lubricating gel lubrication for delicate zones that moisturizes with the scent of rose
Keep your skin glittering.

Bottom line "Anti-White Cream"
Moisturizing cream of an area of concern such as line V and line
Smooth your skin and give it moisture and gloss.

You can use it even if you use it alone, but if you use the line in the above order, the effect will increase.

How was it?
From practical ones, we are preparing a wide range of items to the extent that you do not buy yourself, but items that will make you feel better when you wear it ♪

Why do not you attend to the list of women as well.

Please come and see it in store!
We are waiting for everyone's visit.


【From above】
Anti-rose lotion 3,240 yen (tax included)
Anti feminine wash 2, 160 yen (tax included)
Anti-White Cream 2,808 yen (tax included)
Gift box (large) 378 yen (tax included)
Gift BOX (small) 270 yen (tax included)


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 3F Ladies' lingerie
I would like to enjoy lingerie like fashion, this brand of intimate wear = lingerie made with such a wish. Appropriately designed with conscious trends, coloring to show the skin color of adult women beautifully, comfortable to wear light and effortless. Based on delicate and beautiful lace, we have a product of three dimensional pattern design pursuing a high quality like European lingerie and lightness and comfort to make it natural and sexy silhouette. What makes the days wonderful ... It is a casual secret. Such a secret Chut! INTIMATES will share with you (Chut! In French means "Cee! (Secret)".
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