update 2019.03.11

✾cardo fabrica Cutwork embroidery Pin tuck puff sleeve blouse ✾


There was a bad climate last week, but it is totally spring in spring (^ ^ ♪

This week I want to go out like a nice weather.

I received it because the blouse that I can get in spring arrived! !

It is a blouse which made a lovely cut work embroidery from cardo fabrica.

The neck of the key neck is a moderately open blouse in which the volume of the sleeve becomes a point.

Shoulder yoke, cutting work of the sleeve and pin tuck put in the body upgrade usual styling.

I also recommend dressing to make the volume sense by raising the sleeve a bit.

Unique cutwork embroidery made by Indonesian craftsmen by hand

It is one piece that can enjoy the atmosphere.

The combined skirt is also very comfortable to wear and a sense of texture that is sharp is a good feeling.

Please come and visit our shop! ! We'll be expecting you!



Blouse 17,280 yen (tax included) Color white / navy / black
nitca skirt 13,824 yen (tax included) color beige · light green · orange · black

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