update 2019.03.11

Linen Glen check large double button jacket

This time Bürdésavon's linen glen check big
I will introduce a double button jacket.
Set up coordinates with pants and skirts of the same series
I recommend one piece.
Because it is a mens-like oversize design,
Inner is a sweet one or a compact silhouette
It is recommended to wear it together.

If it is casual, it is combined with parka and sweat.
Even if it matches with a high neck if calm casual adults ◎
T shirt matching is also recommended in the early summer.

Because it is a casual Glen check pattern,
One patterned beginner and one recommended for people who do not like patterns.

Since the material is linen, you can enjoy a unique sense of sharpness and texture.

Please try at the store by all means!


Jacket 15,120 yen (tax included)
Skirt 13,824 yen (tax included)
Pants 13,824 yen (tax included)

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