update 2010.03.14

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza Ginza_news

A new menu has appeared on "La Noodle Lemon & Fromage GINZA" where you can also choose sugar-free noodles!
A rich drink menu has begun ♪

It will be discounted by ordering a set of noodles and drinks! Please do not miss this opportunity.

■ Golden soup and cream cheese are entwined ♪
Laa noodles fromage ➕ ice tea with tax 1,050 yen including tax

【 MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 / B2F Lamen Noodle Lemon & Fromage GINZA】

Ramen Remon & Flomage Ginza GINZA

There are only two kinds of "Lemon Lady noodles" with plenty of "citrus fruits" with lemon as the main ingredient, "Lemon Lua noodles" with plenty of vitamin C, and "Loa noodle mage" which cream cheese melts and melts into noodles and eats It is a special noodle shop. There is a noodle with saccharide OFF, it is healthy and it is "pleasant to the body".
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