update 2010.03.13

It is refreshing in the season of pollen! 【Stiff neck and head set course】

It is a cosmetic salon for women POWWOW!

Recommended courses in March and April
Those who are troubled by stuffy nose with hay fever
For those who have easy head
It is a course I want you to receive by all means.

\ Detailed course contents are here /

This course,
There are two kinds of loosening of oil and body preparation as a set.

【Time distribution】 Change as you like OK!
・ 40 to 50 minutes: Whole body loosening
・ 30 minutes: Gorigorori deep oil of neck, shoulders and back with oil
・ 10 to 20 minutes: The face and head are loosened and stuffy nose, and the feeling of tiredness of the head is cleared clearly! !

We use a blend that is effective for hay fever.
ユ ー Eucalyptus × Peppermint × Lavender

[Shoulder & Head Settle Course 100 minutes]
¥ 14,256 (tax included)

Please try! !


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 3 3F Women's salon salon
All rooms are private rooms, a salon for women who can relax and firmly relax.
~ Proper attitude to make with the sacrum ~
What we want to provide is beauty and sacrum custom. We will care for the sacrum which is also the foundation of the body and lead it to the correct posture. The sacrum is the bone that becomes the foundation of the body. It is located at the bottom of the backbone, supporting the upper body from below and connecting the upper body and lower body. It is also called "bone of life" which supports the uterus and the intestines, and has a close relationship with female hormones and autonomic balance. In the case of Pow Wow, this unique approach to the sacrum care of the origin of any problems such as shoulder stiffness, back pain, irritation, swelling, menstrual cramps, menopausal disorders and beauty problems (facial sag and pelvis opening) To go.
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