update 2010.03.15

New pattern also received

Hello everyone.
It is kapuwa staff.
Thank you for always seeing the shop news.

Spring is almost over now.
I think we have an increasing number of warm days during the day
Spring is also visiting kapuwa

In addition to the easy-to-use denim series,
Cute flower lace flower, popular every year CUBE!
We will introduce the recommendations in particular.

Dendenim salopette
We use solid thick denim of 12 oz.
The point is a large pocket on the side, will provide a well-balanced coverage of the waistline you care about.
Mimole length allows you to wear any body pretty

CU CUBE waist gather dress
This dress has a string attached to the side, and the volume of the skirt is fairly clean by tying it tightly.
The current season is combined with the over denim, and it becomes an adult coordination that is not too cute.
It is light and soft because it uses thin Indian cotton. Once worn, it is addictive

◇ lace flower cotton caddy coat
A drop shoulder coat with a thin Indian cotton lining.
It's very light, but warmly wrapped, so it's perfect for the coming season.
Even those who do not usually have a handle, it is easy to challenge because it is petite if it is lace flower ○

I feel better when I see spring foods.
Please drop in at kapuwa to look for spring ^ ^


denim salopette 15,984 yen (tax included)
CUBE West Gathered Dress 14,040 yen (tax included)
lace flower cotton caddy coat 18,360 yen (tax included)


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 B2F Women's, miscellaneous goods
Origin fabric using Indian traditional technique "woodblock print", women's clothing sticking to comfortable materials and shapes, hand-woven hand-woven materials, soft texture of Indian cotton texture increases more as it is washed I stick to it, develop kitchen and living goods etc.
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