update 2010.04.08

新 作 The new caph classmate T-shirt △


Speaking of CAPH this time embroidery T-shirt! ! I will introduce a nice T-shirt.

The theme is "the face of classmates day and night".

The one scene of the school net drama which the plan is good remains in the impression,

It is a feeling that I cut it there.

The keyword "time", the spring-summer theme for caph.

Day and night time ...

Overlap with one scene of drama ...

It's a nice episode.

The silhouette is moderate and the opening of the neck is also female.

Because there is a dress and a pullover, it is completed with one package! !

Please come and see the shop! !

We'll be expecting you!


Pullover 7,020 yen One piece 8,100 yen (tax included)
Color white red gray

note et silence.

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 3F Ladies'
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A select shop that sends out fine fashion to adult women who are humorous and playful with the original brand as the core.
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