update 2010.04.11

It is Haruka Momogi gelato appearance.

Luciano offers a limited flavor for this season, where you can feel spring
The first arrival is less ready, it is sold out soon "Yomogi Milk" is a re-stock!
Japanese flavor combined with fresh mugwort leaves.
The clean leafy aroma is sweet and sour flavours and fruit based sorbet and doubleIs recommended.

In addition, seasonal flavors are received daily, such as "Hojicha Milk", which Ochaya wok in a stone mill, and "Apricot Sorbe", which has a colorful Yamabuki color.
Please check with the staff about the seasonal and limited flavor of the day.


"Yomogi Milk" M size 501 yen (tax included) ...
"Hoji Tea Milk" M size 501 yen (tax included) ...
"Apricot sorbet" M size 501 yen (tax included) ...

※ Seasonal flavor is limited. Please pardon when sold out.

Luciano Bio Ginza

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 B2F Italian gelato herb tea
Through authentic Italian gelato and herb tea, we will deliver your proposal to spend a natural and healthy lifestyle with everyone's heart and body.
Ginza store limited bio style sticks to healthy & beauty, sugar non-use · milk not used 100% vegetable gelato is available.
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