update 2010.04.15

"Zoff x takashi kumagai" collaboration sunglasses are new!

Released from Friday 26 April 2019!

A series of sunglasses made by multi-creator Takashi Kumagaya, who is a stylist, photographer and director of many apparel brands, and wants to enjoy styling freely, regardless of the frame of men and women, and choosing clothes to wear.
A line of plastic that finished like a summer with a light lens color and a line of cool metal that employs a mirror coat casually to the lens.
In addition to "Zoff NIGHT & DAY" line which became possible to use 2WAY of glasses and sunglasses with one more.
The urban vintage arrangement of the American vintage is a rich variation that extends the range of styling.


◆ Product Overview [Product name] "Zoff × takashi kumagai" (Zoff × Takashi Kumagai)
[Type] 7 types in all 24 types (※ limited to some stores)
[Release date] April 26, 2019 (Friday) will be released ※ Release date varies depending on the model.
[Price] 8,100 yen to 10,260 yen (tax included) (Zoff NIGHT & DAY specifications include standard lens replacement)
[Store] Zoff all stores (excluding outlets), Zoff online store

Zoff Plus

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