update 2010.04.15

Cap caph new Amundsen series △


Nowadays, when Yaesu cherry blossoms beautifully, items that wear and turn for GW

It is introduction of.

Using cotton linen Amundsen fabric that can be set up from CAPH

It is a blouse, pants, and a dress.

Very summery fabric, soft and not very transparent

Because it is easy to wear.

The pants were switched to the side, so the feet were light ...

Setup is also good, but it is an item perfect for travel, etc. even if it is worn alone (^ ^ ♪

There are a variety of summer accessories, so please enjoy coordination! !

Please come and see the shop! !

We'll be expecting you!


Blouse 9,612 yen Pants 12,960 yen One-piece 14,904 yen Belt 5,940 yen (yellow, orange, black)
(tax included)
Color Kinari Kuro

note et silence.

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