update 2010.05.13

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I feel the skin coming towards summer slightly after GW! !

It is introduction of sandals of import this time.

Various types are in stock, but flat sandals are recommended this year.

-ANTICHI ROMANI-Italy is a brand of leather leather sandals in Puglia.

The raw leather is carefully processed by hand by skilled craftsmen, and it is carefully made until molding.

It is a cowhide sandal that stuck to handmade.

-ENESS- In 1975, the shoes brand of LUCIDATURA GIUSTI, established in Italy.

A collection of naturalness and a sense of trend is valued and has a good reputation.

Check out the popular 2 brand sandals in Italy!

Both insoles are soft and hard on the foot.

Do you like this year's color or natural color sandals?

Please try it at the store! !

We'll be expecting you!


ANTICHI ROMANI Torsion sandal 14,904 yen color pink silver black
ENESS Tassel sandals ¥ 14,904
ENESS suede sandal 14,904 yen color beige ・ tea (tax included)

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