update 2010.05.13

bulle de savon cotton lone embroidered fluffy blouse


The temperature rose from spring to the summer heat all at once, how are you spending?

It's hot, it feels chilly, and when you don't know what to wear
We introduce one piece of recommendation!

A series of machine-embroidered cross-stitches on a thin cotton cloth.
Shiloh with a colorful color scheme and a folklore impression.
Because it is a cool thin cotton material, it is an item that you want to wear in the early summer.

As there are sleeves, you can wear it now
You can also use the autumn if you can change the inner further!

One piece of affinity with denim and pants style in a fluffy silhouette.
It is a top recommended also as a sunshade and cooling measures.

Please match it at the store!


Blouse 13,824 yen (tax included)
One Piece 17,064 yen (tax included)

Color white, navy

bulle de savon

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 3F Women's / Fashion accessories
Women Handle brand "Lene", a lot of girls' favorite things centered on "bulle de savon", clothes that everyone remembers childhood and can return to feel like a girl, "Kvell" to develop accessories shop.
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