update 2010.05.15


Hello everyone! It will be a guide from MARRONNIER GATE 2 B2F Puma shop.
Collaboration collection second with Selena Gomez comes up!
Produced by Serena for a passionate, strong, beautiful woman who lives today "Storong Girl" collection.
The theme "Storong Girl" not only represents Selena's initial SG , but also
It is a collection that also contains messages that emphasize the importance of intrinsic "strength".
Please come to the shop. All the staff are waiting for you


SG × JACKET-518522 16,200 yen (tax included) SG × SWEATSHIRT-579782 9,180 yen (tax included)
SG x TEE-579781 5,400 yen (tax included) SG x TIGHT-518523 10,260 yen (tax included)
SG x BAKPACK-076178 8,640 yen (tax included) SG x SLIP-on-192935 12,420 yen (tax included)


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