update 2010.06.03

Nit nitca silk / linen plain weave dress 〇


Somehow this season I want to wear a dress ...

It is an introduction of the dress that you can wear with one piece.

Feeling of poncho ... this year

The comfort of the wind passing through the hot summer day is addictive! !

I did not show the lines of the body but I made it delicately conscious of femininity.

It is wonderful to match the turtleneck in the fall! !

It is an item that works well.

There is a blouse with 100% linen, so please take a look at the store! !

We'll be expecting you!


One Piece 22,680 yen (tax included) Color khaki black

Blouse 13,824 yen (tax included) Color Sachs

note et silence.

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