update 2010.06.03

bulle de savon Cotton Tengu HongKong T-shirt

Today, bulle de savon cotton Tengu Hong Kong T-shirt
We will introduce.
A T-shirt with a motif of a photograph taken in Hong Kong that a designer visited two years ago.
It is processed like a vintage T-shirt.
A slightly larger silhouette is like this one.
Waist in and match with the skirt, or even with the narrow pants ◎

Pink ・ ・ ・ Building where I stayed
Blue ... building materials
Green ... garden
Please match it at the store!


Cut 7,452 yen (tax included)

Color Blue, Green, Pink

bulle de savon

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 3F Women's / Fashion accessories
Women Handle brand "Lene", a lot of girls' favorite things centered on "bulle de savon", clothes that everyone remembers childhood and can return to feel like a girl, "Kvell" to develop accessories shop.
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