update 2010.06.05

We sell popular product of sweets brand "Noix" using nut of tree!

Mercedes me GINZA the limited store , local gourmet of Ginza's first exhibition that is popular with female customers,
We change the line-up every month and sell it.
From 6/1 (Sat), popular products of the sweets brand " Noix " using nuts are sold in limited quantities !

We are selling this time
And baked goods "Walnut cookie" of 3-layer finish of walnut and caramel, chocolate cookies,
There are two types of walnuts: large walnuts, mellow white chocolate, and “ Walnut Millefeuille where you can taste the different texture of Millefeille .

Noix sweets with various shapes of "fruits" with beautiful flowers and rich fruit.
Please relish this opportunity!


[Walnut Millefeuille]: Picture 1
The caramel nougat with large grains of walnut is soft and full-bodied like raw caramel.
Furthermore, by sandwiching smooth white chocolate thinly between puff pastry and caramel nougat,
The sweetness balance is finished in an unprecedented sweets .
Crispy puff pastry, soft caramel nougat, texture of walnuts,
The balance of the secret white chocolate is exquisite and exquisite anyway.

Nine pieces 1,458 yen (tax-included)
Specific raw materials, etc .: wheat, egg, milk, walnut, soy

[Walnut cookie]: Picture 2
"Walnut Cookies" is a three-layer tailored new texture,
Make walnuts caramelize and cookies separately and sandwich them with good chocolate.
Although it takes time, by daring to make caramelize and cookies separately and combining them at the end,
We have realized a new texture that has never been seen before, such as "Pari, Saku, Zaku."
Even buyers who know all the sweets are amazed at this elaborate making!

Six 1,620 yen (tax included)
Specific raw materials, etc .: wheat, egg, milk, walnut, soy

Mercedes me GINZA the limited store

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 1F Lifestyle
4/1 (Mon) Pre-Open, 4/15 (Mon) Grand Opening. For a limited time 8/25 (Sun).
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