update 2010.06.06

New product release

LIPS and HIPS now offers a new body scrub that is gentle on the skin!
~ LIPS and HIPS Body Jam Scrub ~
All five types 350g each 2,300 yen each (tax not included)
Remove old skin and dirt and make your skin smooth and soft.
Moist, skin that you want to touch.
There are five types of aromas in all.
Limited scent of violet jasmine clear garden ♪
Please try it at the store!


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 B1F Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, lifestyle miscellaneous goods
A select shop of cosmetics & drugs that offers variety products from skin care and make-up in Japan and over to pharmaceuticals and supplements. Items recommended for gifts such as cute original cosmetic brand "LIPS and HIPS" are also available.
In addition, we offer a special maintenance corner at "AYURA" which leads to "not lose" skin to stress. You can choose items slowly while talking to your special partner about your skin problems.
Up to 10% points reduction AINZ&TULPE point card, join immediately for free on shopping day OK!
While trying the tester in the store freely, please find your favorite items by all means.
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