update 2010.06.06

Gelato scented by Rose

Luciano prepared the rose petals, rose salt and pure rose tea as the season-limited flavors during this season.

"Rose petal"
An elegant gelato with damask rose petals and an elegant rose scent in your mouth.

"Rose salt"
Blended with rose water from Pakistan (rose salt), it has a slightly salty flavor and a good salty flavor. Recommended for iron-poor rock salt with plenty of minerals.

"Pure Rose Tea"
Original black tea blended in a tea shop. In the fragrant black tea, sweet potato and orange peel slightly.


Because of the seasonal flavor, there are times when there is no arrival. Please forgive it when sold out.
M size 501 yen (tax included) ...

LUCIANO bio Ginza

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 B2F Italian gelato herb tea
Through authentic Italian gelato and herb tea, we will deliver your proposal to spend a natural and healthy lifestyle with everyone's heart and body.
Ginza store limited bio style sticks to healthy & beauty, sugar non-use · milk not used 100% vegetable gelato is available.
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