update 2010.06.12

~ Anan × ete collaboration jewelry Pinkyring ~

Hello everyone!

I will introduce from ete this time
anan × ete collaboration jewelry Pinkyring is.

Jewelry, Pinky ring to decorate the little finger also known as "the road of good luck".
The keyword of happiness you want-love? truth? Choice?

A flexible woman, and a ring designed with the image of words in mind, is a pinky ring that you would like to wear if you are thinking “I want to grab the happiness I think”.

Love, confidence, peace, and love.
Truth 見 極 め With your own eyes, identify "truth" and illuminate the way to go.
It clears the selection mind and enhances the sensibility and gives them the ability to act.

As a talisman to live in the second half of 2019 more happily How about wearing the ring that is perfect for you now?

This will be wrapped in a limited box tailored to the collaboration Pinkyring.

Photo Left 14,040 yen (tax included)
Central 16,200 yen (tax included)
Upper right 30,240 yen (tax included)


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 1F jewelry
"Always, my favorite one." Always cherish your likeness.
Under the spirit of "I would like you to enjoy jewelry more freely", praise the simple beauty, develop jewelry with a single playfulness.
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