update 2010.06.10

nitca lame multi stripe gather sleeve dress

You have entered the rainy season.
Suddenly chilly, I still need long sleeves.
Today is the introduction of Nitoka One-Piece arrived on the weekend.
As it is unusually long sleeve at this time, it is recommended in the chilly season.
The border fabric found in the back of the machine room's data room The border fabric made by multicolor weave is finished with an elegant material that exudes an atmosphere that is casually difficult to appear and is finished with a delicate and slightly mannish nice material .
The dress is 2way, so you can use it as a haori. !
We are waiting at the store!
Noto Eshirosu Ginza MARRONNIER GATE


One piece ¥ 26,784 (tax included)
Blouse 18,144 yen (tax included)

Color green, brown

note et silence.

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 3F Ladies'
Universal bipolarity Warmth of hands.
A select shop that sends out fine fashion to adult women who are humorous and playful with the original brand as the core.
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