update 2010.06.10

bulle de savon ○ Oxcock ○

In the Kanto region, the rainy season has continued and it has been raining.
The temperature has suddenly dropped, but let's put on pretty clothes and feel better!
We introduce popular Oxcock series this time.
Unique design with buttons lined up like a cock uniform.
It is a recommended item to be the main in one piece.
You can wear it in a boyish atmosphere because the neck is full.
The one-piece dress is also great to match with the bottoms.
Please drop in at this opportunity.


Blouse 9,612 yen (tax included)
One piece 11,664 yen (tax included)
Shiro Charcoal Gray

bulle de savon

MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 3F Women's / Fashion accessories
Women Handle brand "Lene", a lot of girls' favorite things centered on "bulle de savon", clothes that everyone remembers childhood and can return to feel like a girl, "Kvell" to develop accessories shop.
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