update 2010.06.11

Cheese with noodles and cold Italian beer!

The compatibility between cheese and beer is still good! ?
Creamy cheese leek noodles that intertwine with noodles! When
Cold ~ Italian beer to blow off the humidity
What do you think?

It becomes peculiar when you eat it
Noodle fromage of repeat one after another

Refreshing citrus and citrus
Moretti to enjoy the smell of hops with grain
Non-alcoholic drinkable Veritas broy

Which way are you?
Please enjoy the harmony of Lamen noodle fromage and Italian beer by all means


・ Laa noodle fromage 840 yen ・ PERONI Peroni 640 yen ・ MORETTI Moretti 640 yen ・ Verijasbrai Veritas broy (non-alcohol) 430 yen ※ It is all tax-included price

Ramen Remon & Flomage Ginza GINZA

There are only two kinds of "Lemon Lady noodles" with plenty of "citrus fruits" with lemon as the main ingredient, "Lemon Lua noodles" with plenty of vitamin C, and "Loa noodle mage" which cream cheese melts and melts into noodles and eats It is a special noodle shop. There is a noodle with saccharide OFF, it is healthy and it is "pleasant to the body".
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