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[Stamina] Sichuan representative stamina dish "Boiled meat pieces (Shuiju loupien)"

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Do you know mapo tofu, Sichuan's representative dish 'Suiju loupien' which is comparable to tannin noodles?
It is a stamina dish that is a soup in which peppers, garlic, and other flavored vegetables are boiled in oil and the aroma and hotness are drawn out, and the pork and vegetables are simmered.
It is a delicious dish with concentrated flavor of pork and vegetables in the hotness.

Boiled meat pieces (Shuiju loupien) 1,598 yen (tax included)

◆ Comments from the chef ◆
It looks a bit jerky, but once you eat it, you're going to become a addict!
It is a summer hot dish where the beer goes on.

<Other summer recommended menu>
Super hot bean paste tofu 1,598 yen / 10 meals a day limited banbangee cold noodles 1,382 yen (all tax included)


◆ Recommended Pair Drink ◆
Hofbrau Original Lager 756 yen (tax included)
This spicy and punchy dish is complemented by the light Southern German lager beer.
Please enjoy it with bitterness modest "Hoff Blo's Original Lager"!

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