update 2010.07.05

~ PLST bespoke model Cookman arrival ~

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It has been a jumble day, but would you like to spend your time?

Today, we will introduce new men's products.
PLST Bespoke model "Cookman" has arrived.
This brand was born on the American West Coast in response to the voices of the cooksIt is a notable brand that is now supported beyond the age and gender boundaries
We stock T-shirts and aprons, starting with casual chef pants that excel in flexibility and functionality.

New items for women and men in autumn are in stock
Please take a look at the store.
We are waiting for you from the same staff.


[Stuff wear]
T-shirt 3,132 yen (tax included)
Pants 5,292 yen (tax included)


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 3F Women's · Men's · Fashion accessories
PLST corresponds to various life scenes of adults and utilizes seasonal information from around the world, plus seasonal select products in addition to original products developed thoroughly in "materials", "comfort" and "dressing" It is a brand that proposes the highest quality daily wear from Japan that makes your life comfortable and rich.
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