update 2010.07.04

TULLY'S 's recommended drink that feels summer! !

This is a guide for new products recommended this summer from TULLY'S COFFEE .

"T`s Cream Splash" [Photo 1]
Tall only: 530 yen including tax
Nostalgic melon soda using domestic melon juice
I topped T`s ice cream.
You can also enjoy the appearance of two layers, refreshing in the carbon dioxide! It's perfect for a hot summer.

"& TEA Passion Peach & Mango Tea" <Wednesday, July 10, released> [Photo 2]
Tall: 500 yen including tax Grande: 550 yen including tax
It is a tropical fruit tea based on peach and refreshing passion fruit!
You can enjoy it with a meal such as pancake.
The texture of the soft mango flesh can accentuate the sense of fruit.
It is recommended to increase the customization of mango flesh for 100 yen plus tax!

All the staff, we will make it with all your heart ... ♪
We look forward to your visit.


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