update 2010.07.05

How about a blanket of caddy on a steamy summer night?

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It has become hot and steamy.
It seems that it gets a little chilly today, but if it rains, the windows can't be opened, so you may have a sleepy night?

Kapuwa HOME was born from such a thought that I want you to spend comfortably at home.
Products around the bed such as sheets and pajamas from the kitchen aprons and mittens are now well stocked ♩

Especially recommended for this season, blankets!
Kapuwa's blanket is luxuriously made of hand-woven and hand-woven cotton caddy, which is breathable and can be used comfortably even with sweat.
As it is the size to cover the whole body, it is good for men, too.

Shall we overcome with kapuwa blanket this summer?


Blanket 7,560 yen (tax included)


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 2 B2F Women's, miscellaneous goods
Origin fabric using Indian traditional technique "woodblock print", women's clothing sticking to comfortable materials and shapes, hand-woven hand-woven materials, soft texture of Indian cotton texture increases more as it is washed I stick to it, develop kitchen and living goods etc.
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