update 2010.07.09

【Master-piece × CRAZY CREEK】

In pop-up shade of popular CRAZY CREEK with outdoor goods,
The collaboration model printed the original camouflage pattern of master-piece arrived.

It has a feeling of size for 2 to 3 people that can be easily set up and withdrawn, and the gear loft has both sides on the inside with accessories.
As well as holding in hand the exclusive case containing the logo of both brands, it is also possible to have it on the shoulder.
From now on, swimming, swimming pool, day camp, picnic, sports day, etc.
It has become a convenient outdoor goods that can be used as a sunshade in various scenes.

As we become small quantity arrival, one to be worried about comes to store early by all means!
We look forward to your visit to our staff.


master-peice x CRAZY CREEK CollaborationSeries
Pop-up shade 747006
14,040 yen (tax included)


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 4F Men's, Bags & Shoes
We pursued a wide range of original teeth from combinations of different materials, original coloring, parts selected from domestic and overseas, functional materials, proposing back that combines fashionability and functionality as part of fashion.
Japan maid brand "masterpiece" which has its own factory, an exclusive craftworker who is unusual in back brands to leave the delicate craftsman's temperament of Japanese and technology in future generations.
We also deal with apparels that have been selected from domestic and international from the import back such as "C6" AER ".
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