update 2019.08.16

The shoulder blade bone loosening course for cooler cold! !

It is a regular saloon POWWOW for women.
It is a sunny and hot day.

Aren't you tired of body heat due to sudden heat, chilling in cooling?
At that time,Use Pow Wow care to unwind, prepare and relax.

* * * * * *

Well, today we will guide you through the course until the end of September.

\ \ Metabolism UP! Shoulder blade loosening / /

・ If you notice at desk work, your attitude is getting worse
・ I have a stiff neck and always cares
・ The coldness in the air conditioning is tough

Perfect for those who have such problemsIt is "scapular bone loosening".

Not only is it hot outside, but it also cools down when it gets inside this season.Even if you are careful, you will get tired more than usual.

Relax along the line of the scapula,The metabolism rises and the posture also improves. For usual carePlease spend the rest of the heat in a healthy manner by adding “shoulder blades”.

If you are concerned, choose the usual course
Check "Scapular bone loosening" and make a reservation.
※ 90 minutes 11,664 yen (tax included)
→ Whole body loosening, pelvic care, tailoring of face, shoulder blade removed

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MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 3 3F Women's salon salon
All rooms are private rooms, a salon for women who can relax and firmly relax.
~ Proper attitude to make with the sacrum ~
What we want to provide is beauty and sacrum custom. We will care for the sacrum which is also the foundation of the body and lead it to the correct posture. The sacrum is the bone that becomes the foundation of the body. It is located at the bottom of the backbone, supporting the upper body from below and connecting the upper body and lower body. It is also called "bone of life" which supports the uterus and the intestines, and has a close relationship with female hormones and autonomic balance. In the case of Pow Wow, this unique approach to the sacrum care of the origin of any problems such as shoulder stiffness, back pain, irritation, swelling, menstrual cramps, menopausal disorders and beauty problems (facial sag and pelvis opening) To go.
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