update 2019.09.05

Two suits wear 41,040 yen (tax included) !!

For the time being, I would like to buy a suit cheaply , but the size does not match with the ready-made products! !
We have prepared recommended products that are perfect for such customers.

Only measurement and cloth choice. The first easy and simple order suit!
Visit and measure with your friends and colleagues, and you can receive a discount for a total of two clothes, one for each person.

It is 60,480 yen (tax-included) ... in two clothes! !
If you use 2 Carriage Discounts -9,720 yen (tax included)-19,440 yen (tax included) discount on 2 clothesTo do! !

Simple price, price is only "3 patterns" ! !

141,040 yen (tax included)2 standard fabrics
251,840 yen (tax included)One standard and one premium fabric
36,640 yen (tax included) 2 pieces of premium dough

Standard fabric = wool 50% · polyester 50% mixed stretch fabric
(20 types for summer, 30 types for year-round, 20 types for autumn and winter) 70 types in total
premium fabric = 100% wool fabric with rare Tasmanian wool
(30 types for year-round use, 1 type of dough for thanks) Total 31 types

Rich size development
Men's sizes 66cm-118cm waist size, women's 3-21 gauge clothes are available.
Both men and women wear clothes for measuring, so it is easy for first-time customers to understand! !

After ordering, just wait at home.
The order suit will be delivered to your designated location as soon as it is finished. It is possible to fix it again for 3 months.

Pre-sizing, pay later.
In preliminary inspection on weekdays measurements, it is OK to decide the dough again by visiting again on weekends!

We can guide you to your account in as little as 30 minutes, because it is a simple measuring method.

Acceptance of measurements on the day until 20:30.
With business until 21:00, you can come to the store with a margin even after work.

Visit with family, visit with friends are also welcome! !
You can sit down and relax in the spacious store.
There is no step in the store, there is also a nursing room and elevator on the same floor as the store.


※ There is a limit of a point and a range in the re-work service effective for three months from the delivery date.
※ We will separately charge 864 yen (tax included) per shipping cost.
※ In the case of using 2 orders for 2 orders for a minimal order, the same day payment will be made.
※ After purchasing the product, in any case, we can not change the fabric, change the size, etc.


MARRONNIER GATE Ginza 1 B1F Order Suit · Men's · Ladies'
ONLY is a men's clothing tailor from Kyoto.
At ONLY, we have various fabrics and models, we are accepting pattern order suit that responds to customer's personality and needs.
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